Red is the color of seduction, passion and love

As you may know the color red is:

With all these advantages and benefits, I had to present you a selection of red watches, or rather watches with some red components, because you might now very much want to have one in your wardrobe!

Don’t worry ladies ! I made this selection just for you and I thought of everything:

So here is my selection of the 5 best red watches for women according to your budget, your watch movement’s choice and your style:

1- The sporty red watch

Here is my selection for you ladies, regarding the sporty version for red watch. And the price is as sporty as the watch. I mean very competitive. 89€ for this sporty red model.

Discover the lines here below from the Glam red watch by Ice Watch.

This electrifying red will highlight your workout look. This sporty red watch with its silicone strap will accompany you in your outdoor activities and you won’t go unnoticed.

In addition, red is the symbol of fire, this burning energy that inhabits you. Looking at it will give you the motivation to train even more, who knows?

ice watch red glam

2- The elegant red watch

First of all what is Elegance? According to Gorgio Armani, a very talented designer by the way, elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.

And with this model from Guillot first collection, no doubts that you will remember it.

Indeed with its pure, refined and harmonious lines, this red watch is a timeless and very elegant product. But with its black dial and black lugs ( you may know these 2 parts of your watch, one located at 12 o’clock and the other at 6 o’clock, allowing to hold the watch strap) this red watch by Guillot has a very unique appearance.

This has been never seen before. With its unique and attractive look you won’t never forget its provocative elegance.

red watch by guillot watches

For this red double-turn strap model made in Switzerland and including a very innovative and especially patented interchangeable strap and lugs system on the back of the watch case, the price is 1390€.

3- The classy red watch

When we think about classy lines regarding a watch we automatically think about the Poiray collection whose the name is “Ma Première”. This collection was born in 1987.

Its square case is available in yellow gold, rose or steel, and donned with 2, 4, or 12 lines of diamonds or even the luxurious “full pavée” option.

I have selected for you the steel case version which is the most affordable among the Poiray product range.

For this steel version with which you can add a red calfskin leather watch strap, have a budget of 1900 euros.

red watch poiray

4- The red watch with diamonds

During my investigations to find THE red diamond-paved watch, I discovered this model.

This is the Mini D from Dior with a red double turn strap in satine.

Why I have selected this model in particular? Because according to me, this is one of the most original model.  Look at its line. The red total look of this model, with its double turn strap and its dial, enhances the diamonds located on the bezel (you may know the top ring that surrounds the crystal) and on the crown. We only see the diamonds whereas the red look is normally what we see at first.

Even if diamonds are the best friends of women you have to take into account a certain budget to make this model your friend. Its price is 3600€.

the mini red D Dior


5- The red watch with mechanical movement

For this model, I looked at the major Swiss watchmaking companies. Because when we want a watch with a good and long lasting mechanical movement, Swiss watchmaking companies are the best.

And I have chosen this model by Jaeger Lecoultre, which is one of the house’s iconic models: the reverso.

For sure this one has not only a mechanical movement but also a very specific red which totally paid my attention. Its wine-red color dial with small sub seconds plus its leather strap give to this iconic watch a very unique appearance.

This model was presented during the latest SIHH in Geneva. OK it’s a model for man I must admit. But there are women who love wearing large watch or men’s watches so I mut count it in my selection. And above all I like this model so much.

Its price: 7950€. But this is the price for the Swiss precision watchmaking expertise as well.

Reverso rouge Tribute Small Seconds

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