1- A new product

New brands do not always mean new products.

Moreover, in this sector, the re-releases by historical brands of their best models end up by no longer bring new products to the market and no longer attract our curiosity.

Well, that time is over with GUILLOT, a new Swiss watch brand.

Finally a newcomer with a new product… and more precisely a new case.

With this case, you can easily and quickly transform it by yourself (no need to go to a watchmaker…) into a wristwatch or a pendant watch but also into a pocket watch. The world of possibilities is open to you!

GUILLOT watches are modular thanks to a very ingenious system that allows you to change the accessory on the back of the case in order to change your watch without changing the case. Isn’t that strange? YES…. But we love it!

2- A luxury product that suits all your desires

GUILLOT jewellery watches are modular and can adjust to your desires, your style of the day or the season. The personalization of your timekeeper is pushed to the extreme.

The way you dress reflects your authenticity and gives you more self-confidence. So don’t skimp any more, make your watch a real accessory that will perfect your style, your mood and above all your uniqueness.

3- Limited editions watches

Because the brand’s philosophy is to create a watchmaking product that reinvents itself every season, GUILLOT is inspired by what happens on the podiums of the Fashion Weeks to constantly create new products that you can add to your watch wardrobe. Each season you will therefore be able to discover pieces in limited and numbered editions. So you can reinvent yourself and have fun….without ever changing your watch completely.

Only change the strap or the fastening element that will allow you to wear your case differently while preserving it.

Warning: models are only available in very limited series. No more than 150 pieces for each model…….So hurry up!!!!!!!!

4- A flawless quality

GUILLOT watches are made in Switzerland and benefit from the expertise and know-how of exceptional manufacturers. The brand has called on experts and technicians from various renowned crafts to create the timepieces.

Moreover, GUILLOT does not skimp on the quality of its components. A 316 L steel case, an obviously Swiss movement, guilloché dials, sapphire crystals, Italian leather and this list is obviously not exhaustive!

5- A unique product

GUILLOT watches are unique because they have never been seen before. This is a pure watchmaking invention, supporting evidence, patents and design registrations.

But what makes it unique is above all the interpretation you give it: How do you wear it? What color of lugs? What color of bracelet? What type of leather? How many wristband turns do you choose?

In short, what makes it unique is your creativity and how you look at it.

6- A product that breaks the codes of traditional watchmaking

Indeed, the most innovative element in this product is the magnet that nestles on the back of the case to find itself at the very heart of the device allowing modularity but especially a few millimeters from the movement.

Magnetism and watchmaking have never got along with each other. The magnet so feared by watchmakers is a disturbance that can affect the proper functioning of the movement or even make it stop completely the closer the magnet is and the longer the magnetic exposure is prolonged.

Crazy invention then???? No, don’t worry, it’s a well mastered invention but it took two years of research… and could have driven many people crazy.

7- A story of women but above all a family adventure

Was it necessary to be crazy to embark on this adventure? Guillot is a story of women but also of family. Marie-Amélie, the artistic creator of the house, at the origin of the adventure, is accompanied by her sister Marie-Caroline to create these unique pieces that can be adapted to you.

You will have understood it with this timepiece, your wardrobe only has to behave well because with GUILLOT watches no one will go unnoticed. You will be able to fully cultivate your uniqueness and authenticity with this jewelry watch that adapts to you. Moreover, this modularity allows you to express yourself fully without ever having to change everything. You can be the master of the game by controlling and keeping what is important to you, the case, the bracelet accessory, pendant or gusset…

And now let your creativity run wild!

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