D-30 until Christmas… The rush to find everybody a Christmas present has officially begun!

And like every year it’s much harder to find a present for your loved one than for you.

Indeed your man likes technical, beautiful, elegant and unique presents: not that easy to find, right? But you are in the right place to find a solution. The Slide Classic Guillot Watch is THE solution.


Here are 5 reasons why you should buy him a Guillot Watch.


1- A modular watch designed just for you

With this product, you will be sure that your man will appreciate the novelty.

The Large Slide Classic collection allows you to change your look with only one watch! Your man can wear it as a pocket watch and also as a wrist watch without having to go to a watchmaker: just by himself! No need to be a handyman!


These watches are modular ones. The system is very ingenious and will allow you to change from one bracelet to another and from pocket watch to wristwatch!


With the Large Slide Classic watch your man will be able to create his own everyday watch in a few seconds!


At the back of the case there is a groove where you can slip in the fixing elements.


Guillot watches customizes to his envies, to his style of the day or to the season!


2- An irreproachable quality

You know your man well : he loves beautiful things and he won’t be disappointed with

this present.


First of all, Guillot watches are Swiss made, so they take full advantage of the expertise of the best watchmakers in the world!


Guillot asked for the help of experts and great manufacturers to create its watches.


Moreover, GUILLOT does not skimp on the quality of its components. A 316 L steel case, an obviously Swiss movement, guilloché dials, sapphire crystals, Italian leather and this list is obviously not exhaustive!


You guessed it right: Guillot’s team is very conscientious when it comes to its timekeepers, maybe because Time is our most precious good!


By the way if he likes our watches and the ingenious mechanism behind them and if he wants a watch even more complex, he just has to ask! We are ready to create!


3- A unique and innovative product

Guillot watches are unprecedented in the history of watches! It’s a pure invention.

You will make people jealous when they will see the watch of your man! Even more because these are limited editions. No more than 100 pieces by model.


He will be unique. Even more unique that he will personalize his watch: you can change the color and the leather of the bracelet, but he also can wear it as a pocket watch!


Finally, it’s just a matter of style, he can be who he wants!


4- A luxury case


A Guillot watch is not only the perfect present, but the luxury case is as perfect as the watch itself.

A storage box not only for his watches but for all the accessories he already has or will have.


Moreover, our objective is to create every season new variations of bracelets. he will have plenty of space for his new bracelets!


5- It’s also a present for you!




If you enjoy as well masculine watches you will be able to borrow the watch of your man …

You can easily transform the watch into a pendant and turn it into a fashion accessorize!

The universe of possibilities is open for you! With one case you will be able to do a lot of things.


Hurry up, these are limited editions!


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