At the origin of GUILLOT, a strong desire to finally create the jewel-watch of my dreams : something more aesthetic than technique.

An aesthetic, revealing an irreproachable quality, which is elegant, because a particular attention is paid to details, but above all modular and adaptable. Not having a monopoly on style, I wanted to create a product that certainly looks like me but that many can appropriate to reinvent it.

This is how GUILLOT and the modular watch were born: a watch whose case conceals a groove on the back in which lugs holding a bracelet or a fixing plate can be inserted to wear the case as a pendant or as a pocket watch. The assembly is locked by a magnetic cover.

This watch is a real jewel of science because it has never been seen! It doesn’t seem so technique, but it took the expert in watchmaking and me, 2 years to create the first prototype! My goal was achieved: the technique didn’t take precedence over the aesthetic; these two years of scientific work were real but hidden in the back of the watch’s case.

But many criticized me for it, telling me that my product was certainly wonderful, but what a pity that we do not see at first sight the technical prowess. For my part, having succeeded in my challenge, I paid little attention to these criticisms, which were nevertheless relevant, until the day when…

I went for the first time to the Basel Exhibition.



In this epicentre of watchmaking experts, where you can admire the most famous pieces of the greatest manufactures, I felt perplex because the technical exploit was everywhere and visible at first glance!

I was impressed : there were more and more complex watches stand after stand! Skeleton watches with a movement so complicated that you could hardly tell the time!

Then there were also watchmakers working on the aesthetics of the dial or bezel to make pieces of high jewellery.

The technical prowess, wherever it was, was obvious.

I had a fascinated look at this magnificent show that was open to me to honour and promote the technique.

To sum up, I had done the opposite of my watchmaking peers. I hid my technical and patented stooge on the back of the case. Look for the error!

Was I out of line? No, I don’t think so, just different and bringing a new perspective to watchmaking.

Why do the opposite? Because I paid more attention to revisiting the timepiece and its modularity to create THE jewel-watch that can be quickly and easily transformed according to your desires or your style. This general principle, my starting point if you want, was at the origin of my creation and transcended the will to create a technical product. It later became so because it took ingenuity and patience, two years of development, to finally and unintentionally create a watchmaking invention.

Is that why the technical principle is on the back of the case? Perhaps unconsciously… or because I also liked the idea of keeping the technical principle secret, well hidden in your skin, to create a secret watch that never leaves you.

Who knows????? The mystery remains intact…

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