5 REASONS why you want to see life in red:


1- Red – The color of absolute femininity

Red is a fascinating and very attractive color.

This color is immediately obvious and symbolizes passion, the burning fire of energy that jumps out.

Women who wear red show they are passionate and their self confidence.

Indeed, when you wear red, ladies, you assume your undeniable sensuality and you’re right because showing that makes you stronger.

Your provocative elegance imposes your strong personality and the power of your femininity.  Feeling you stronger makes the world easy to face.


2- Red – The timeless color

Ladies you can be sure when you wear red you are still fashion. Indeed it is a timeless color.

It’s like an iconic accessory which is on the runway during each fashion week. This color is always represented wether for winter or summer. Red has never gone out of fashion since the 1950s.

So wear it without worrying to be fashion or not because you will always be!

red jacket for a timeless and elegant look

3 – Red – The color of the Parisian

When we think about the look or rather the makeup of the Parisian girl we automatically refer to a very light make-up or no make-up at all and just a pulpy mouth enhanced by a red lipstick.

Because the Parisian girl is like that.

She loves to wear a sophisticated casual look. She loves to enhance a very casual look, like jean’s and sneakers, with a pulpy sexy red mouth.

She’s always elegant without overdoing it. She is able to remain sophisticated and very provocative but still elegantly simple with just a red lipstick which is also highlighted thanks to her casual look.


4- Red – the color which fits with every skin and hair color

No one can deny it. Red is the color that goes with all types of skin tones and hair colors. Yes indeed, ladies, whether you are brunette, blonde, redhead, with a matte or pale skin tone, red will always enhance you.

Remember Julia Roberts, in Pretty Woman, who wears this fabulous red dress and is embellished with a ruby set signed by the jeweler Fred. This total red look makes her terribly beautiful and sexy.

Or this magnificent and gorgeous actress, Brigitte Bardot, in the movie that made her famous, “Et dieu créa la femme”. In a scene from this mythical movie, she wears a red dress in which she dances and sings. She is simply divine, provocative but also terribly elegant.

But why does this color fit with every woman?

Because this color undeniably stands out from each skin or hair color and therefore enhances all women.

Distinguishing itself in this way, it highlights the woman and her absolute femininity.

The red color makes the woman undeniably sensual, it gives her self confidence and when you have self-confidence you feel more beautiful and stronger.From now no excuses not to wear Red. And if Red is too bright for you, ladies, you can wear this color thanks to a fashion accessory.

So I am repeating myself. No excuses not to wear it. And because I want you to wear red, here are 5  red fashion accessories that you will love to highlight your absolute femininity and provocative elegance.

red accessories to get an elegant and parisian look

5 – Red – the color of accessories to highlight a look

When I think about fashion accessories, I mean:

  • a lipstick
  • a pair of shoes
  • a watch
  • a purse
  • a pair of sunglasses.


Here are 5 red accessories you should have in your wardrobe

And not just any of them, I mean:

A red lipstick

A lipstick from rouje, a brand created by the it and so Parisian girl, Jeanne Damas, and more precisely the red lipstick which has its name Jeanne to get the Parisian touch.
lipstick rouje a levres rouje jeanne damas

A red pair of shoes

a pair of shoes signed Christian Louboutin for sure to get a sulfurous  and sensual look.
christian louboutin collection Kate

A red watch

a watch from Guillot to get a rock and chic look. The artistic director and founder of Guillot Watches, Marie-Amélie Guillot has launched this red watch in homage to her mother, who has always been in love with the red color, which she also passed on to her daughter. Marie-Amélie loves red and appropriates it to create this model from her first collection, giving it a provocative but above all terribly elegant look.
red watch by guillot watches


A red purse

a purse from Louis Vuitton to get a red classic and timeless look. With this purse, Capucines, from the collection Nouveaux Classiques, Louis Vuitton signs its last campaign. This red purse is worn by the so marvellous and incredible woman and actress, Emma Stone. We love her mix & match black and red realized by the stylist Marie-Amélie Sauvé.

A red pair of sunglasses

a pair of sunglasses from Celine to get a red fashion look. We are going to love them for this summer and next. I mean this winter with a total black look.
red sunglasses celine


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