Christmas is coming soon and your stress is increasing: D-30 exactly!

December is often synonymous with race to buy gifts and you still have no idea, not even a list of favorites that could please your beloved one…

Do you have any ideas for your parents, siblings, children? ūüôā

Are you lacking ideas to delight her?!

Relax, you have just found THE solution to your problem.


By offering her/them a Guillot watch from the Slide Classic collection.

And why is that?

Here are at least 5 good reasons:

1- The perfect jewel-watch for your wife

First of all, do you know the definition of a jewelry watch?

The jewel-watch is a fashion accessory used as a wrist or neck ornament whose aesthetic appearance of great beauty takes precedence over the primary functionality of the product. In other words, giving the time is only secondary, if not a detail.

Above all, the jewelry watch must be precious and impressive and it is not uncommon for it to be accessorized with precious stones. But in everyday life, women more generally turn to all-gold or steel models. You’re lucky : -)

Now that you know the definition of the jewel-watch, you will understand why watches in the Slide Classic Small collection are truly precious fashion accessories.

With its line of slightly curved 27 mm diameter cases, which perfectly fit between the lugs that hold the bracelet, you can offer your wife/girlfriend a watch whose small case resembles a cabochon-cut precious stone that gently rests on her wrist.

You know, this precious stone, not cut but polished, with a rounded appearance and often a flat reverse side. If the cabochon still doesn’t talk to you, imagine the case of this watch as a charm, this lucky charm that can be worn on a bracelet or necklace and represents a precious pendant.

Pendant? Perfectly! In jewel-watch, there’s the word jewelry, right?

Indeed, the case of the Slide Classic Small has a groove in which you can slide lugs for a bracelet version or a fixing element that will allow your partner to wear it as easily as elegantly as a pendant….

Incredible and all that with the same box? Yes, sir!

What’s more, depending on her tastes, you’ll have a choice between pink gold cases for a chic and timeless style, steel for a casual and more sportswear style or black PVD for a rock and original look.

Your wife/girlfriend will not go unnoticed with this elegant and sophisticated piece. All her friends will love it, they will envy her…!!!!!

2 – A modular but above all unique watch


You will have understood in more than just being the jewel watch, Guillot watches are adjustable according to your desires or rather the desires of your beloved one. And you know how women like to change their style to reinvent themselves every day, right?.

Why do you think we love shopping so much and that you still only have a very small place in the dressing room…?

It’s because women like to change according to their moods, their desires of the day or the season! Guillot watches have understood this well and are perfectly suited to this need.

In short, she will love your gift and will never get tired of it because she will be able to modulate it in her own image and will be able to fully express her authenticity and uniqueness.

3 – A beautiful box to offer

In addition to being the perfect gift, it will be nestled in a magnificent jewel box. For you, the effort will only be to leave your gift under the tree.

Less is more – Isn’t that right!

This one has several storage spaces in which your beloved one will be able to store other precious jewels. But not only! If you want you can later offer her new accessories such as a new bracelet or pendant. Which brings me to the following good reason…

4 – You already know what you will offer her on her next birthday or on Valentine’s Day.

With this Christmas gift, you already have the next one. An accessory from the Slide Classic collection: 1-turn, 2-turn, 3-turn bracelet and this time you can even choose a different lug color than the one chosen this Christmas. So Sir, if you’re not unpredictable with that…

In addition, you can also complete her watch wardrobe offered this Christmas with a pendant.

5 – It is also a gift for you!

Indeed, if your sweetheart likes men’s watches more, you can choose a model from the Slide Classic Large collection with its 40 mm case.

What good news for you….

It is also a model that you can borrow, perhaps by not changing anything at all or by just taking another bracelet from the collection that you like!

With only one case, you have a watch for the lady but also for you, sir, because the principle is the same, the case of the Classic Large has a groove in which you can slide lugs that hold a more masculine bracelet or more to your taste.

Don’t forget yourself in all this!

So, you’re convinced? Isn’t that the gift you need for Christmas? In addition, there is no need to travel you can easily find it online!!!! But hurry up because Guillot watches are all in limited editions. No more than 100 pieces per model.

To discover all the models in the Slide Classic collection, click on the following link:

If you want to know more about the innovation behind the mysterious box that will allow you to double your gift ideas, find everything on:

So don’t delay any longer to consult:


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