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Guillot ORiginally, a woman

She tells us everything…


Hi, I’m Marie-Amélie.

I’m the founder and the designer of Guillot watches.

This project was born almost 2 years ago at a time period I had a phobic fear of time passing…

But I was decided to change.

Instead of contemplating this stupid fear…I was determined to face it. I was no longer going to be a spectator but a good actor of my life.

Entrepreneurship, my dream was about to become reality.

The world of the project: TIME, of course, or rather the element that best characterizes this phenomenon, that is to say WATCHES.

Indeed, in all the proposed offer, I did not like anything.

Why? Because the product itself was too rigid. Paradoxical for the one whose function is to indicate a change…

It had to change.

And it all started one Christmas evening, when my parents gave me a pocket watch that had belonged to my great-great-grandparents. I was wearing it as a pendant. I loved it, it was the best accessory for my outfits, but I also wanted to wear it as a bracelet so that it could adapt to my daily outfit and my mood! The idea was born!!!!!!

My purpose: Create the first luxury multi use watch which looks like you depending on who you want to be.

and crazy sisters...


An independent family adventure

Her sister Marie-Caroline is at her side…


Was it necessary to be crazy to create this brand new watchmaking product, never seen before…? In that story, it’s about crazy girls or rather crazy sisters especially because it is about women but also about family.

Indeed, in this extraordinary journey I have the support of my little sister Marie-Caroline who does not only support me but work with me to create these first multi-use Parisian and Swiss watches.

And Marie-Caroline is very famous and popular at Guillot for her talent dedicated to our studio of creative and digital content. In fact, she is the one who takes pictures and creates amazing videos to show you how our products are innovative and first of all unique.

That’s how Marie-Caroline has joined the project as my VP and studio manager.

So thank you very much little sister. Love u !!! 🙂

Behind the scenes avec my sister

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