Christmas is coming very quickly and this is the time when you care the least about yourself.

Your mind is elsewhere…. Quite classic as Christmas approaches.

You’re swamped with work, a bunch of files to close before the end of the year…. In parallel with work, you have to handle gifts for the whole family if not, in addition, the family meal because, to top it all off, Christmas, this year, will take place at your home…..

But what if now was also the time to indulge yourself? What about a gift that highlights your authenticity and uniqueness?

I know what you’re going to say : yes, but how?

By simply pleasing you with a beautiful gift to put under the tree and that will reveal your personality.


1- A jewellery watch that can be adjusted to suit all your desires

As a woman, you have many desires! With Guillot, you are in the right place to fully express yourself.

With its Slide Classic collection, Guillot offers you the jewel watch that adapts to you to create a real precious fashion accessory that will follow you everywhere.

First of all, with its line of slightly curved cases, which perfectly fit between the lugs that hold a bracelet, you can offer yourself a watch whose case looks like a precious stone, cabochon cut.

You know, this precious stone, not cut but polished, rounded and often a flat reverse. If you don’t get me just remember you can wear your watch as a pendant.

Pendant? Perfectly! In jewel-watch, there’s the word jewel, right?

Indeed, the case of each Slide Classic has a groove in which you can slide lugs for a bracelet version or a fixing element that will allow you to wear it as easily as elegantly as a pendant….

Unbelievable! And all this with the same box? That’s right!

Moreover, depending on your tastes, you will have the choice between pink gold cases for a chic and timeless style, steel for a casual and more sportswear style or black PVD for a rock and original look.

All your friends will envy you….

2- A unique product

You will have understood that, in addition to being jewel watches, Guillot watches are modular according to your desires and can be adapted to you, to your style of the day or to the season. The personalisation of your timepiece is taken to the extreme.

The way you dress reflects your authenticity and gives you more self-confidence. So don’t be shy, make your watch a real fashion accessory that will enhance your style, your mood and above all your uniqueness.

Day after day, you can reinvent yourself, have fun with different styles, without ever changing the essential: your case.

Do you want a vintage style?

Wear it as a pocket watch or as a pendant.

Do you want a casual style or more sportswear?

Wear it on your wrist or close to your neck.

The watch adapts to you.

You appropriate it for yourself.

Guillot watch is unique in so many ways: How do you want to wear it? What color for the lugs? What color for the bracelet? What type of leather? How many wristband turns do you want?

One thing to remember : what makes it unique is how you look at it and your creativity.

3 – A watch designed and created by a woman for women

Guillot watches were created by a woman and were naturally designed for women who like to change their look. So that every day, they can fully express who they are.

However, for several women, days are running fast, and they very often have to take on several roles in their lives.

So they needed a watch that could adapt to those several roles: business days, days with friends, with their beloved, with children, but also to evenings when they wanted to be rock, chic, glamorous or everything at the same time.

Guillot jewel watches have understood this really well and meet this need to be versatile like all women. That’s why they are so incredible.

Marie-Amélie, the designer, is like you, she has a busy life and has designed her watches to meet this constant role play.

Know that before Guillot, she didn’t even wear a watch because she didn’t find, in the proposed offer, a product that suited her: either too dressed or not enough… In other words, never a product suited her days and as a woman in a hurry and independent, no desire to go to her watchmaker to change bracelets to personalize her watch.

This is how Guillot watches were created, to meet the needs of the women of their time: independent, free to define who they will be day after day.

It is therefore a story of a woman at the origin of this watch brand but also of a family. Marie-Amélie, the artistic creator at the origin of the adventure, is accompanied and supported by her sister Marie-Caroline to create these unique pieces that adapt to you.


4 – A luxury box for an luxury piece

In addition to being the perfect gift, it will nestle in a beautiful case that you can reuse as a storage box for your watch and other fashion accessories.

You will even have the possibility to fill the gap with other accessories in the future. Especially since the objective of Guillot is to create each season new versions of bracelets and new models, always keeping in mind to produce in very limited series, because isn’t the primary value of the craftmanship to highlight your uniqueness?

And for you, the effort will only be to leave your gift under the tree.

5 – It is also a gift for your +1 if you are in need of ideas!


Indeed, if you can’t find good ideas for your companion, and if, like him, you like large watches, you will always have something to please him under the tree by adding to your gift box a bracelet from the Slide Classic Large collection that will be more to his taste. So with 1 case and 2 bracelets you have your own gift and one for him too! You will only have to change the accessory on the back to make it your own!

It is important to specify that the pocket watches are accompanied by a 30 cm long chain. So if you decide to wear this version in saltire, you will have to add a 70 cm chain. Just let us know and we will add it to your Christmas order.

In short, the world of possibilities is open to you.



So convinced? Isn’t it the gift you need for Christmas? In addition, there is no need to travel, you can easily find it online!!!! But hurry up because Guillot watches are all in limited editions. No more than 100 pieces per model.

To discover all the models in the Slide Classic collection, click on the following link:

If you want to know more about the innovation behind the mysterious box that will allow you to double your gift ideas, find everything on:

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