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The modular Watch by Guillot

At first sight, nothing new.

A dial, a case, watch hands, a movement and a crown at noon…

A crown at noon? Yeah, not bad …

Wait… And have a look at the back of the case!

You will find a groove, fastening elements that slide in and a magnet that locks it all… 

A magnet? Don’t worry the magnetic field is under control! We will come back to it in the section Magnetic Field reserved to this matter.

All these elements to create a 3-in-1 watch: a wrist-watch, a pocket watch and a jewel watch!

It’s what I call the “modular watch”.

This modular watch is super innovative.

The case of the Guillot Watches allows you to adapt the bracelet of your watch to your outfit of the day but also lets you adapt the way you wear your watch (and THAT is new)!

“Nothing is lost, everything is transformed”

Guillot creates its own fashion with this modular watch: you can be who you want, with the style you want.

  • You want to be vintage? Wear it as a Pocket Watch.
  • You want to be casual? Wear it as a wrist-watch.
  • You want to be classy? Wear it as a pendant!


The Guillot watch matches your desires! You make it your own and only the element at the back changes!



The Control of the Magnetic Field

Magnetic field and watch movement never get along with each other.

The magnetic fields that surround us can, depending on their power and distance, magnetize your watch and affect the proper functioning of the movement.

But why did we have this crazy idea to integrate a magnet into this already innovative product?

Because the magnet is discreet and its lifespan is long.

Ideal for an elegant and durable product.

Unfortunately or fortunately, Marie-Amélie comes from the jewelry and not watchmaking sector.

For her, combining a magnetic field with her device is not a problem, she even finds it clever.

That’s true! A 3-in-1 watch closed by a magnet is a super ingenious idea!

But at that time, technicians and workshops had not yet been concerted.

They were rather reluctant.

The product was innovative but perhaps too much…

A magnetic field near a watch? What a crazy idea!

You must remember one thing: Marie Amelie is a committed woman and the master watchmakers are real experts!

And then the journey began: meetings and discussions with a professor, expert in magnetic fields, long hours of hard work…

But is this not the normal course of any project that sees the light of day?

And then, they finally were able to keep the magnet!

But how is it possible?

Each magnet is isolated by a paramagnetic shield to absorb their field and thus protect the movement.

The thickness of this shielding results from laboratory tests so that the protection is complete.

A Guillot watch is also a jewel of science!

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