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7 special features

  1. The 1st watch brand founded by a woman 
  2. The 1st watch brand managed by 2 sisters 
  3. The 1st watch brand to combine the Parisian elegance of the 2 sisters with ” leur petit je ne sais quoi ” and the Swiss watchmaking know-how of the manufacture which works with them
  4. The 1st watch brand to redesign the back of the watch case instead of the dial or the movement
  5. The 1st independent watch brand to have successfully launched and developed its business, all without using a funding platform
  6. The 1st watch brand to create a 3-in-1 watch: a wristwatch, a pocket watch and a jewel watch
  7. The 1st watch brand to place the magnet at the heart of its watch case

To know more about the 1 and only single watch with multiple wear, read Innovations section to learn more….


brand origins

Born from a desire to make the watch a real jewel accessory and to be able to match it to all your lifestyle with style, Maison Guillot had to redesign the watch and its elegance.

From this observation, it was necessary to show ingenuity and madness to create this must-have which will be at the same time innovative, modular and above all specific to you.


In fact, the watch has to be your best partner in life. It follows you in your long journey which will be evolving all the time. Depending on who you want to be during this journey you have to prove it to the world with your actions, your words, but before anything else with your style.

Your style is a part of your personality. This is the first thing you show before you act or talk. So you have to show to the world who you are thanks to it.

your style has to make you feel good, strong and comfy and first of all unique.

The best accessory of your style is your watch.

And thanks to the Guillot watches you can build a watch that looks like you, with which you feel good, that reflects your personality and with which you have self-confidence.

The way you dress reflects who you are.

So cultivate your authenticity with Guillot!

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